Founded in 2020, Lauffer’s have a simple vision, making dress shoes relevant and fun again in the present time. We do that by creating a finely made shoes with versatility in mind for every men. In designing and producing them, we are collaborating with a West Javanese artisan with more than 5 years of experience in making fine dress shoes. They are all carefully crafted by hand, resulting in a simple yet classic, refined, and fun footwear.

Grounded with experience and knowledge in menswear, we want to create shoes that people need today. Not trendy shoes that will be obsolete in value of time. In fact, on the other end of the spectrum – products that ride with time as we and the culture age. It can be a casual time or important time. It can go for both fun and serious times.

For the first release, Lauffer’s presenting The Handwelted Penny Loafers and The Belgian Loafers.
The Handwelted Penny Loafers is inspired by a British Loafer – perfect proportion of the vamp, slim yet rounded silhouette, finesse touch of the toe stitch. The body is lined and constructed to give a strength for years to come. With this features, you can wear it as you want it, for everyday stroll and for special occasion.
Our Belgian Loafers is bold yet subtle and comfortable at the same time. Unconstructed yet lined body, these loafers are flexible and would mold to the shape of the wearer. The design is versatile – you can wear it casually with chino in the summer, and you can also dress it up with a suit, even tuxedo.

From the kickstart of the design until the final sample, we took more than 4 months and 30 prototypes to achieve the final design. Starting from the last, we create the shape with anatomy of the foot in mind. And the silhouette is perfected to make them shape the foot well and looks amazing no matter what.

With collaboration with like-minded Balance Atelier, we believe that our message is well delivered – create a balance (pun is highly intended) between heritage and relevance in present time.