We’re all different, in our own unique way – either that be a body type, or preferences. A made-to-measure garment from Balance Atelier is crafted exclusively for you, to meet your needs. The program is designed to better understand you and offer our expertise in crafts, fabrics, and aesthetic – tailored to your preferred context.

We are pleased to offer made-to-measure across all categories as part of our commitment to creating beautiful, high quality products that are personal and sustainable with you at the heart of it.

Step one; initial conversation and measurement.

During the first appointment session, you’re involved in the conversation – we’ll learn about your purpose, lifestyle, and we consider things such as climate, and your personal style before we make any recommendations on the fabrics to procure – one that is most suitable to your context.

We take upwards of 30 measurements, noting proportion, silhouette, posture, and balance of the whole garment to create a pattern that is exclusively for you. We start with your closest fixed size (we call them our master garment), we take notes & make adjustments based on your individual preferences, and then send the measurement to our master tailor before our highly skilled team of tailors began the process of cutting a unique pattern for you.

Step two; the first fitting.

Once your garment is constructed, you will be invited to return to our showroom (or any place that suits you best) to do an initial fitting with the garment half done.

In this step, our expert fitters will take a look and consider the whole balance of the garment and work with you to make sure the garment fits well and most importantly, comfortable.

Step three; Final fitting and delivery.

The final fitting is the most exciting part of the process – in this step, your garments will be shown to you in it’s final form – The finishing touches and adjustments have been made and it’s now time for you to try it on. When all goes well, and you and we are both satisfied with the garment and the process – only then you will be able to take home the finished garments.

Once an order is placed, we make sure to archive a detailed profile of each client to make the reorder process smooth.