The Greatest pleasure of living in a 4 season country is, of course, discovering & experimenting on which pair to wear and what goes with what at each season. Dio Rizkyali spent some time off in the UK last winter, where he was given the chance to showcase our piece from past collections, some MTO and MTM products we offer.

A few of the pictures of Dio from London last winter. Above, in our MTM Vitale Barberis Canonico Wool – this one from the Perennial book, paired with cashmere sweater and our Tara polo shirt underneath. Dio also wears a white denim and the Sagan from Baudoin & Lange.

A navy jacket such as this goes well with lots of colors, but particularly neutral & soft ones such as off-white and brown. The handbag (in shot, handmade from a local haberdashery in Java).

Wool, silk & linen jacket from Cacciopoli through our semi-bespoke line, MTM overshirt, a faded blue denim and Bylauffers Belgian.

Dio wears our Tara polo in grey and MTM overshirt with double chest pockets made in deep green heavy cotton drill.

Below, our Navya in full flex.

Pictured above Dio wearing our navy Bilva paired with Hatha trouser and brown suede loafer by Berwick.

Just an update on how we’re doing:
To be honest, we have been incredibly fortunate that Balance has grown to the point where we can self-sustain everything and make all our products in house at our small studio in Bogor, 50km away from Jakarta. It was something we’ve been wanting to do for a while now and made possible with the reinvestment we made in the brand.

It’s taken 3 years to get here. Three years of slow and organic growth and honestly we wouldn’t have asked for any other way.

For now, we will keep Balance as our passion project as we love brainstorming, designing, and architecting clothes. It will be slow from time to time as the 5 of us have other things to take care of – but we are committed in bringing more news and new designs to you soon.

Thank you everyone for making Balance what it is.

Until then,